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Nintendo Is Bringing Back The NES Classic In 2018


Nintendo Is Bringing Back The NES Classic In 2018

Remember how difficult it was to get your hands on the Nintendo NES Classic when it was released? Then Nintendo had announced that they would be discontinuing the product. That was heartbreaking if you never got one.

Nintendo said that the NES Classic was never meant to be a long-term product, and it wasn’t too long before the SNES Classic was announced. Well today we have good news. You will be able to get an NES Classic in 2018.

An announcement by Nintendo revealed that they will be bringing the console back next year. They also announced that the SNES Classic, which was also meant to be another limited-production run, will continue being produced through 2018. That should help to make sure that everyone gets one.
They will be produced over the course of 2 years, which should increase the amount of units that will be available.

We don’t know if this will be a one-off thing or if the NES Classic and SNES Classic will become permanent products, but either way you should be able to get one without any problems. Hopefully this will also put an end to the price gouging that we’re seeing at places like eBay. This is great news.

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