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MakeVR Pro VR CAD Baseds 3D Modeling Tools For HTC Vive Now Available For $40 (video)


MakeVR Pro VR CAD Baseds 3D Modeling Tools For HTC Vive Now Available For $40 (video)

Designers and developers looking to get more creative with the HTC Vive virtual reality headset, may be interested in a new set of CAD based 3D modelling tools which have been unveiled by MakeVR Pro and are now available to use on the Vive platform.

Check out the video below to learn more about the new MakeVR Pro HTC Vive application which is now available to purchase for $40 directly from the Viveport homepage.

MakeVR Pro adds new tools to MakeVR for the precision alignment of objects using grids and rulers, jigs, snapping, surface tracking, and mirroring. These tools allow anyone, regardless of their age or experience level, to create solid-model content with positional and rotational accuracy in their virtual workshop, fulfilling the demand for such control and opening new channels of creativity.

This precision, CAD-based, content creation is what separates MakeVR Pro from other immersive modeling, sculpting, and painting apps. The expanded level of control that the precision tools provide showcase virtual reality as a natural, powerful, and progressive medium for 3D object modeling. In-app tutorials guide the user through the simple process of learning this new functionality. MakeVR Pro bridges the gap between virtual and real workshops with the ability to export standard object files for 3D printing.

For more information on the MakeVR Pro CAD virtual reality application jump over to the official announcement via the link below.

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