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Lighthouse Smart Home Security Camera Now Available For $299


Lighthouse Smart Home Security Camera Now Available For $299

Lighthouse Smart Home Security Camera

Lighthouse has this week made available their new smart home security camera which is now available to purchase priced at $299. If you’re quick Lighthouse is also offering a 10 period discount for a limited period. The artificially intelligent 3D security camera was expected to ship during September 2017, but five months later the security camera is now available to purchase offering a 90 day free trial of its cloud storage plan which is available to either purchase on a monthly basis for $10 a month or via a lifetime plan for $200 with no further payments required.

Equipped with 3D camera and AI technology similar to that used in self driving cars the lighthouse home security camera is capable of telling the difference between a friend and foe and notifying you of either. Designed to provide no more false security alerts, the lighthouse security camera notifies you only when it detects movement from people or large objects such as doors when you’re away.

The home security camera is also equipped with a siren and allows you to be notified when your children return home from school, your dog walker calls or similar everyday events. The camera is equipped with a night vision camera that is capable of providing a live streaming 1080p resolutions. The security camera also includes a two-way talk system and uses your wireless network for easy setup and communication.

Lighthouse explains more about their new smart security camera : “It’s so easy for humans to interpret what we see that we don’t realize how hard it is for computers to do the same. Despite all the advancements in recent years, it is still very difficult to produce actually useful computer vision systems. 3D sensors provide a way to “cheat” — they directly measure the 3D structure of the environment, and in doing so, turn many of the difficult research problems of computer vision into tractable engineering problems. This is why virtually every self-driving car program centers their efforts around 3D sensing with laser range finders like Velodyne or Luminar.”

For more information jump over to the official White House website where the new smart home security cameras available to purchase price to $299.

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